German Gamboa

Diving into Arch Linux

Published: 2021-08-18

How do you know if someone is a vegan Arch user? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. Introduction So I recently started using Arch Linux on...

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Battle Station For 2021

Published: 2021-07-05

Even though we are more than halfway over with the year I wanted to write about my set up, tech stach, whatever you want to...

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Consistency is hard

Published: 2021-06-05

So we are halfway through the year What has German done over the past six months. Not a whole lot but at the same time...

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Reading List Week One

Published: 2021-02-14

Reading List Week One As you grow in your career finding, "fresh" content gets a bit difficult. Reading the same rehashed async-await article just doesn't...

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SmolURL Released!

Published: 2021-01-15

TL;DR: I made another url shortener for the web 👻 This post's url shortened: Why? I have a silly experiment in mind where this...

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Engineering Daybook

Published: 2020-11-18

Keeping an Engineering Daybook A while back, I came across the concept of keeping an engineering daybook or notebook from the book The pragmatic programmer....

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Hello World!

Published: 2020-07-23

Why is this a thing? The better question is why not? I wanted to start a blog for real this time but since I am...

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