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One things that I've noticed as I progress in life is that being able to communicate things properly is super important. I've been rereading the Pragmatic Programmer again and came across the tip by which this post is named. Just wanted to share a few notes for my future self and anyone reading.

When communicating in any way shape or form its important to do the following:

Know your audience

I want to say that is one is pretty self explanatory. But basically keep in mind that a lot of communication relies on implied context. So keep in mind what the person or people you are communicating with know about the thing that you are communicating about.

Know what you want to say

Have a purpose to either saying something or writing something. Just don't start spewing out stuff. Specially when writing its useful to outline topics and then fill them in.

Chose your moment

Know when to say things to they have the right effect. For example sending out communications on a friday afternoon that require people to take some action is probably not the best idea.

Chose a style

I would summerize this one as read the room.

Make it look good

Presentation makes the dish! When writing something out providing a nice structured document is a good idea. Also diagrams are always a crowd pleaser.

Involve your audience

As I mentioned before most things have a lot of implied context. Involving others to help you fill out the bits that you are missing is important.

Get back to people

Don't leave people haging. Its not only rude but it breaks trust with others.