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Goal List

The short overview of what I plan on doing this year.

  1. Write more
  2. Create more
  3. Learn Cool Tech
  4. Get Swole

Below is the reason why and maybe a whimsical plan for getting it done.

Its important to note the author does not take himself super seriously.

Write more

Reason: I want to become a better communicator. And to continue my overall growth as a person and in my career I have identified that being better at written communication is going to be needed.

Method: Write way more documentation at work. Being more honest, start writing documentation at work. Partially joking aside, journal daily, set dedicate time to dump thoughts out into something.

Create More

Reason: I hear having an online presence is a good idea but I want to build little things here and there for fun.

For example TinyPost was a fun little 2hr project.

Method: I have no idea at the moment. But probably youtube videos and this blog.

Learn Cool Tech

Reason: It allows me to pay my bills and not starve plus I enjoy learning.

Method: Dedicate at least 4hrs a week to learning the stuff listed below. Probably start off with RTFM and pluralsight until I have enough context about them to incorporate them into a project.

Tech I want to learn:

This is the overall stuff I think is interesting. I don't list out language specific libraries nor concepts here since I see those as a different thing. For example I see graphql as a concept to learn not a specific technology.

Get Swole


Reason: Picking up heavy stuff and putting it down is fun. Plus I hate cardio.

Method: Build home gym and become a powerlifter. Remember the lifting belt is what lets everyone know you are a powerlifter and not a regular fat guy.

NB: If you lift heavy enough then loading and unloading the bar counts as cardio.