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Published at: 2020-07-23


Hello World!

Why is this a thing?

The better question is why not? I wanted to start a blog for real this time but since I am a developer I must first make my own blogging platform. Otherwise would I be a real developer?

This is also a poke at all the javascript static site generators.

I personally find it funny how we spent a few years moving all our apps to work clientside only to decide it was a bad idea and start a push to have things render server side.

Sadly Javascript is not the easiest thing to make server side things with. But, but do you know what tool is the best for server side content?


Okay be serious

This blog will probably not stay barebones for long. Actually two things can happen. Either I will forget I made this in about a week and it will be abandoned like all my other blogs or I will continue to add to this. There is no inbetween. As usual my goal is to become a better writer or something like that.


What is this site built on?

Laravel but without any database.

Isn't using Laravel an overkill for this?

I like laravel and will use it for everything. 😎

What is this hosted on?

Tiny DO vpn with forge. Please don't hack me 🥺

Can I give you money for existing?

Why, yes you can! Link below

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