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Published at: 2022-12-02

tags: #programming #php

Going Back to PHP

I am going back to building my things in PHP. Over the past year I have been trying to focus on node and I have noticed that I am actually not getting anywhere with that. Nodejs is nice and all but its ecosystem is a mess of options. It takes me forever to configure a project and actually create something. There is a high chance that I am just stupid. But at least when working in PHP I have things like Laravel that help me crank out little ideas fast. Also deploying PHP apps is a lot easier and simplier than a node application. Maybe some day I will write something really detailed on why I think NodeJS is such a mess but to me it just is. Lets see if over the next year I can actually create some cooler applications for fun with PHP. It is going to take me a while get back into the PHP ecosystem since I haven't followed it in a while. I am not sure what is new in general and what is new when it comes to Laravel.