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Screenshot of neofetch on arc system

How do you know if someone is a vegan Arch user? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.


So I recently started using Arch Linux on my spare laptop. Yes, I know its a meme, but I like memes.


So the installation was not super difficult. The hardest part was getting GRUB to work with EFI which took a bit of googling to realize that I had passed in the wrong params into it. I also found the walkthrough videos of The Mental Outlaw and Luke Smith extremely helpful.

The Arch wiki truly has everything you need to get started and configure the system. However it will not be super helpful unless you have some familiarity with linux systems.

After the initial installation it took me about 1hr to get to a point where I could do my daily work off it. I like to use the metric of installation to working setup time to debunk the annoyingly stupid statement from the scammer known as TechLead

Linux is free if your time is worth nothing. - Dumbass

To be detailed my working setup includes the following:

Well in addition to those things we can include configuring dwm, st amd dmenu. And by configuring I mean just applying some patches. Also wrote a few shell scripts to do basic stuff such as status base, change governors ect. Probably less than 50 lines of bash.

There is still a lot left to do in terms of RICE before its worthy of a r/unixporn post.

What I am loving so far

Having complete customization over every aspect!

Being able to configure all my keybinds has made my workflow a lot faster. My end goal is to be able to to treat my computer as an instrument. Picture playing a chord on a piano but in this case its a complex computer action.

What I am not liking so far

What I have learned so far

I guess in addition to those specific things, I've learned more about the inner workings of computers which is never a bad thing since thats kinda what my whole career is based on.