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Published at: 2022-07-21

tags: #learning #rust #programming

Learning Rust

So I am finally getting around to learning a new programming language. One could say that it is my first real programming language since the ones I know and use regularly are all dynamic (PHP, Python, Javascript).

I will use this as my primary starting resource .

This will be a long-running blog post with hopefully daily updates. My plan of attack to make sure this succeeds is to move a bit slower than what I am used to when learning new things. I tend to go all out and accomplish something in the span of a night and get extremely frustrated when I cannot do that. I tried that strategy to learn rust a few years ago, and it got me nowhere. So slow and steady we go.

The learning Journey

Day One

Got rust installed and vs code configured with some recommended extensions. I got the Hello World program up and running. I learned a little about Cargo and started the Guessing Game tutorial in the book. I came up with the long-term goal of creating a music streaming service with it as my project. Something similar to PoolSuite FM . But everyone listens to the same song simultaneously because why not. It's a bit late for me when I decided to start doing this, so going to call it a day.


All resources I find useful during this learning journey can be found here.